Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: April 30, 2009

Lamb shanks with white beans, served over soft polenta.

This dish is a heavily-altered adaptation of this. The Epicurious version has too many steps, too many ingredients. I am grading papers, people! I don't have the time for fuss!

So basically, what I did was combine the main ingredients in the crock pot, after browning the lamb and softening the vegetables. I didn't cook the beans separately, and I couldn't find my tomato paste so I didn't add any. I did have parsley and lemons on hand, which hardly ever happens, so I made the gremolata. I reasoned it wasn't any more effort than making a salad.

It was really good. Eli loved the beans and the "sauce," which I think is technically soup given my crock potting. What's weird is that the Epicurious recipe calls for four lamb shanks, and I only had two, but we have enough leftovers for two generous lunches. Meaty lambs?

(You know, for a while after I lived in Spain I wouldn't eat lamb. Sheep and lambs dot the countryside of central Spain and they're so cute, I just couldn't do it. At some point, apparently, I got over it. Oh how we do love our meat over here. Baaaaa.)

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