Friday, June 12, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: June 12, 2009

Teriyaki vegetables and ribeye steak.

It's Shabbat and my parents are here, so I'm supposed to make a special dinner, right? In the sense of many dishes, traditional ones, and challah. But Lord, I just could not muster it tonight.

Yesterday I took all three kids to the local Natural History Museum and then to lunch, and the candy store, and the toy store, and the weird-fossils-and-preserved-animals-and-medical-novelties store. And you know something? The baby is getting big. As I discovered at 4 a.m. while having back spasms. Then, undaunted (and upright! let's not forget upright!), we went to the zoo today. Because I am crazy, and for no other reason.

At any rate, I was too tired this evening to make a real Shabbat dinner. (A funny thing about that: Shabbat is for rest, but man does tradition require some hard work to get there!) This dinner is nice but fast, and it requires almost no prep time. My folks brought the steaks from Costco, which means they were Fred Flintstone-sized; we salted them and grilled them and that's it.

The veggies copy the kind of vegetable side dish they serve at a Japanese steakhouse, and are very easy to make: chop napa cabbage, colorful peppers, mushrooms, maybe zucchini if you have some, and stir-fry it with oil; sprinkle with powdered ginger, salt, and pepper; finish with sesame oil.

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  1. You can bet that there's a little bistro on Medford that will be serving teriyaki vegetables tonight! Those look divine. I'm thinking they'd go really well with a grilled chicken breast. Yes? Yes.

    Really enjoying the blog, my dear friend. See you soon!