Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: May 11, 2009

Mozzarella-stuffed meatballs, red wine tomato sauce, pasta, green salad.

By chance I saw my friend Holly at the garden store on Saturday, so when I was thinking of what to make for dinner tonight, I thought of her recipe for these meatballs. She put it on her Facebook page back in February and it has since made it into my rotation.

This one little episode encapsulates my love for the Facebook thingy. Holly and I were great friends back in eighth through tenth grades, but then she moved away with her family. We tried to keep in touch, but we had busy lives that went in different directions. Nothing unusual at all. The same thing has happened to me with dozens of people from high school and college and camp, and everyone else has the exact same experiences. It is just very hard to keep track of people, even when they're important to you, even when you mean to, even when you miss them.

But some Harvard kid invents this thing, and all of a sudden I'm sharing recipes with Holly! And looking at Jenna's photos! Reading about Sharon's adventures in parenting! Wondering just how admirably snarky Justin could be if he really put his mind to it (and I don't even think there is an adjective to describe that amount of snark, honestly)!

Pundits can whine about it, columnists can philosophize about it. Virginia Heffernan at the NYT wrote a whole stupid column on whether status updates are a valid contribution to society. Blah blah blah. As far as I'm concerned? The Facebook makes the world better.

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