Monday, August 3, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: August 3, 2009

Broiled chicken and artichoke hearts, cherry tomato and oregano salad.

It's the time of year when I have to find things to do with tomatoes. Things to do besides give them away to friends, I mean; we like to eat them and besides, most of our friends who like tomatoes that much have their own overload at the moment.

So I have a couple of cookbooks I consult. One is Tomato Imperative!, an old one that appears to be out of print, which is too bad because it's got some easy and unusual recipes. The other one is The Cook and the Gardener, by Amanda Hesser. It's not specifically for tomatoes, but it's organized by season and by month, with recipes highlighting whatever foods might be most available at a particular time. (In France. But it works for us ordinary folk here in the Great Plains, too.)

So this simple cherry tomato salad was delicious! It's literally just cherry tomatoes and fresh oregano leaves with an olive oil vinaigrette. I am all inspired now, too, because in paging through my books I found some other things I can't wait to try.

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