Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why I Didn't Make Dinner: August 14, 2009

We went to see Julie and Julia.

And now, God help me, I want to make pate de canard en croute. I can't possibly. Maybe if my mother helps me. And my sister. And my husband. Oh, dear.

Also, afterward? We were hungry so we went to McCormick & Schmick's. (I had sole, unfortunately not meuniere.) That place used to serve fantastic food; it was a true special occasion restaurant. When I was in private practice we used to celebrate case victories there; as a family, we have marked birthdays and anniversaries there. But last night? Chuck's lobster tail was not good. Edible, but really not delicious, and a little undercooked in the middle. The orzo it sat on was bland. My sole was okay, but the broccoli (which was supposed to be green beans) was undercooked and completely flavorless.

We went to this film celebrating food and cooking and love and romance, they're all of the same cloth, and we found ourselves hungry and looking for a special meal. Instead, we discovered that a special-occasion place we used to enjoy has now become merely expensive. Kind of a bummer.

But now, what am I going to do about that duck?


  1. When are we doing this? Seriously. Let's put a date on the calendar!

  2. WHAT THE HELL? It is the 17th. What have you been making for dinner for the past three days?