Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: September 1, 2009

Tilapia fillets with green sauce, crispy red potatoes, roasted tomatoes.

Day Two of the Everyday Food experiment. I was so skeptical of this one. First, the recipe called for salmon or striped bass. Collectively we dislike salmon, and striped bass? Really? When there are college funds to pay into and shoes to buy? So instead, I went with tilapia, because we (a) like it and (b) already owned some.

Second, fish. Ooh, fish. Making fish, for me, is fraught with doubt and anxiety. I am a Great Plains flatlander. I like and trust and know how to prepare meat. I grew up just absolutely hating fish and dreading the nights when my mom decided we needed more fish in our diets. So I always expect my children to react with alarm and resistance when I cook fish. (Proof of my point: Tonight, I surreptitously heated and stowed backup chicken nuggets in the oven.)

I needn't have worried! The tilapia fillets, seasoned with salt and pepper and seared in olive oil, were a huge hit. They cleaned their plates and wanted seconds. And this sauce was great: Parsley, basil, mint, capers, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil whirred in the food processor until smooth.

You know what it would be even better on? A nice steak.


  1. Darn you complaining about kids who eat like that. My kids scream at me about food no matter what is happening.

    My freaking kids asked me yesterday what vegetables are.

    I do love fish though. We need to take all the kids over to Amami for a Japanese beach vacation. You'll go home after a week there loving fish like you have never imagined you could - but only fish from there....

  2. I never knew you had misgivings about fish. Our idea for a chain of meat spots aside, I figured you as solidly pro-fish. The things you learn about friends through their blogs! But I'm glad you found your way with this one -- it sounds deeeeelicious. Is it from the new issue of EF? I need to pick it up. I buy the mag now and again but always forget to cook from it. I may need to put it into rotation...you done inspired me.

  3. Jenna, I am working from the September issue of Everyday Food. It has a whole lot of great-looking recipes, actually. Worth picking this one up.

    And I mean, I do eat fish, especially sushi and all kinds of smoked fish. I just prefer to get my fish on the outside instead of cooking it myself.