Monday, September 21, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: September 21, 2009

Noodles with soy-lime sauce and corn.

Chuck went out of town again, this time on a surprise last-minute trip. So of course he was no help at 11 this morning when I asked him if he had any ideas about dinner. Why was he no help? Because it wasn't his problem. I could make whatever mushy nastiness of an experiment I wanted to, but he's eating out tonight.

Hey, that's cool. I'd be the same way. (Except usually, when I go out of town, I leave either complete meals in the freezer or ingredients for easy meals stocked in the fridge.)

Anyway, these noodles are the ones I usually make with tofu and vegetables, only I left out all the pesky tofu and vegetables. I served them with Ling Ling frozen potstickers and edamame. And I let the kids eat in front of the TV. And they're watching something stupid.

What do other people cook when their partner is away?

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha - now you are getting the picture of what life as a single parent really means!

    we need to have dinners together sometimes at Old McDonald's down the street from you.