Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: September 27-29, 2009

A totally inappropriate Erev Yom Kippur dinner. A much more acceptable break fast. And tacos!

Sunday night began Yom Kippur, and a traditional dinner preceding the fast would have been, like, chicken soup, a brisket or a roast chicken, vegetables, challah. That's not what I made. I made: Pasta alla carbonara. Yes, it had bacon. And cheese. Whatever. It was good, if not entirely (or remotely) in the spirit of the holiday.

I think I redeemed myself Monday, at least food-wise if not spiritually. To break the fast, I actually managed to pull together a sort-of traditional meal: Pasta salad with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes (made on Sunday afternoon), bagels and lox, a cheese tray, a banana cake with chocolate glaze (also made on Sunday). My parents joined us so I wouldn't feel stupid serving such a spread to my non-Jewish husband and three little kids, who don't fast for reasons of religious appropriateness and age, respectively.

So tonight, tacos! The fall holidays wear me out. These used the chicken left over from grilling on Saturday, and my kids adore tacos. Nothing could be easier. A good thing, too, since after the busy weekend and the holiday I think we are all about to get sick. (Lots of sniffles at dinner tonight, and my back hurts portentously. Ew.)

Maybe I should have made the soup. Is someone trying to prove a point?

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