Monday, October 5, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: October 5, 2009

Salmon roasted in butter, pumpkin pie.

Bad news today on the home cooking front, as Conde Nast killed Gourmet Magazine. I made this simple but delectable dinner in Gourmet's honor (even though it's a Mark Bittman recipe; I thought it was in the spirit). I have gotten some tasty, easy-yet-special recipes from Gourmet, and I will miss it.

I am afraid of cooking fish, as I've mentioned, and particularly salmon. Nevertheless, every now and again Chuck and I say to each other, "We really need to eat more fish." Then last week, I got lunch at the student union cafteria across from my office, and the entree choice was baked salmon, and I tried it--and it was really good. So on Sunday, when I saw Costco had a sale on beautiful coho salmon filets, I thought I'd try it again. I mean, if campus dining services can prepare a tasty piece of salmon, then by God it just can't be that difficult.

I did a little research: Joy of Cooking, Julia Child's The Way to Cook, and of course Bittman. All three recommended some variation of this recipe, which calls for roasting the whole filet at high heat with butter and herbs. That is just what I did, and it was delicious!

The pie, which Josh prepared with only minimal supervision, was my insurance in case the salmon was not delicious. We didn't even need the pie. That didn't stop us, though.


  1. Let's have a cooking party with our kids! We can make that crazy duck thing we want to try and the boy can make dessert while the girl watches the baby.

    What do you say?

  2. I meant to type boys but my "s" key is gone.

  3. Hm. Maybe the subscription I was thinking of starting might have turned it all around. Good job on the salmon - I could eat it every day but have a hubby who won't touch it.