Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: December 26, 2009

Pasta puttanesca, chicken breast filets, garlic bread.

The Great Plains spent Thursday through today in the middle of a great snowstorm.  It may or may not be going away now, who can tell?  So we spent the day in our pajamas, playing Beatles Rock Band and trying not to think too much about The Long Winter.  (Alex and I are working our way through the Little House series right now.  Although much of what Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote was historical fiction, that terrible winter famine of 1880-81 really happened.)  I mean, even though the city hasn't yet managed to plow our neighborhood, surely it will happen by January at the absolute latest. 

Around 5 this evening, Chuck finally decided he'd better get to shoveling, as it didn't appear the snow on the driveway would magically clear itself up.  So he and Josh and Alex got dressed and went out into the cold.  Alex and Josh found five-foot snowdrifts to slide down.  I have no pictures because, come on, I can't be expected to put on shoes on a day like this.

But I made a nice dinner for everyone, even while in my pajamas.  

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  1. Are you aware that it is December 29th? What have you been eating?