Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I Made for Dinner: May 29, 2010

Scallops in saffron cream sauce; shaved asparagus tart.

The first one, Josh requested.

When the boys were in Arizona, apparently Josh tried scallops and loved them and now he wants to go on an eating tour of Italy and Spain. For now, eating this dish will have to do.

(Josh would seem to be a perfect candidate for learning to cook at a young age. I read Pete Wells's columns about cooking with his young son and I think, Josh and I could do that. He loves food, he appreciates different flavors, he has a curious mind and a sense of the creative possibilities in the kitchen. But then he makes toast and drops the tongs in the toaster and doesn't notice until they catch fire; he opens a can and, as soon as I warn him not to touch the lid's edge, he slices his finger on it. And I think, no, Josh can wait to learn to cook.)

The second one was my pick, after I read Smitten Kitchen's post today and then Chuck came home from Costco with pounds and pounds of asparagus.

It was absolutely great, even though I used Pillsbury pizza crust from the pop-open canister.

So this was a nice dinner. Now I want to know: are you making anything special for the holiday weekend? Grilling out? Do tell!

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  1. CrockPot cheat today and maybe some grilling tomorrow night, if Bri gets home from work (yes, bummer, work) with enough energy. Otherwise likely pasta tomorrow night! I'd hoped he could smoke something but that doesn't appear to be in the cards for a variety of reasons.