Saturday, August 7, 2010

What I Made for Dinner: August 7, 2010

Pasta and meatballs with fresh summer tomato sauce.

First of all, the explanation of the preceding post:  I was taking a break.  Get it?

It's a yolk.


So, what were we doing the past few days?  Why wasn't I cooking?

We were here:

And here:
We cruised to Southeast Alaska.  And while we were there, we ate well.  Everyone has heard the stories:  The all-day buffet, the snacks served on deck, the constantly-replenished drink, the five-star dining.  It was more or less true.

On the ship, they served baked Alaska.

(I'm not the only one who can crack yolks.)

Chuck and I took a tour of the massive galleys and admired the scope of the food-prep operation.

Those baskets?  Also made from bread.

And, of course, we chowed down on the buffet.
All buffet, all the time.  Alex's vacation began the minute he realized he could get whatever he wanted, all on his own.  The food on the ship was pretty dang tasty.  (The food off the ship was terrific.  More on that another time.)

Of course, that means now that we're home, we must take some careful measures to ensure that our pants will continue to fit.  To that end, this dinner was very moderate:  small, low-fat meatballs and fresh summer tomato sauce made with tomatoes and basil from the garden, which did just fine while we were gone thanks to some help from the neighbor kids.

This was just a spectacular vacation and I would encourage anyone to visit Alaska because the things you see there you just can't see anywhere else, and it's amazing and gorgeous. 

(The only downside was our trip home on United "Total Bastard" Airlines out of Sea-Tac "Ninth Circle of Hell" "Airport."  I would encourage anyone to avoid both no matter what.  Maybe next time we'll go through Vancouver or something.  On some other airline.)

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  1. An Alaskan cruise in on our life's goals list! So glad you had a wonderful time.