Friday, November 18, 2011

What I Made for Dinner: November 17, 2011

Chicken pot pie.

Used the leftovers from Monday night.  Delicious, comforting, and hearty.  Alex says pot pie is his favorite dinner; I wish he had told me that before.  I'll have to make it more often.

My mom and dad joined us for dinner and insisted on talking about Thanksgiving.  We will host it, as usual, but my enthusiasm is just missing this year and I've been denying the need to plan the meal.  I need some inspiration. 

So:  If anyone is reading, what's your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?  What's your least favorite?  What do you consider the most unusual food to make it onto your Thanksgiving table?


  1. Jo:

    This year, we're adding Smitten Kitchen's pumpkin custard to our buffet. I think it's going to be awesome.


  2. I love green bean and green rice casseroles but simply abhor Jello salads. In the past, we've offered lasagna and tamales (not at the same time) and, believe it or not, they were both quite popular.

  3. Hi- I, too, was not thrilled to be volunteered into hosting Thanksgiving. But then I was inspired by two recipes and now I'm a little excited. The first recipe is from Penzey's and it's green beans with toasted pecans and a squirt of honey to finish. Delicious.
    And the other is a twist on my usual bacon and leek stuffing (dressing, technically since I don't stuff the bird.) Instead of bread, I'm going to make a huge pan of cornbread, let it go stale and use that for the stuffing.
    We tried it and it was really good. Oh,and I subbed apples instead of carrots in the stuffing too.
    My only worry is that this meal will be a little sweet. Not much of a balance. Still thinking.
    Love the blog!
    Sarah (Brennan's [from law school] wife.)

  4. I want some potpie damn it. I'm not eating any other thing you make unless there is pot pie.

  5. Also, there better not be any bacon or lasagna or any other weird stuff. And - as I said - I am happy to host at my house. Either way I will be drinking shots of tequila all day and trying to get everyone else to do them with me. Probably best to keep the sharpies hidden. No apples in the stuffing. Pot pie.

  6. I've always been a fan of broccoli casserole, rather than green bean. LOVE IT. And I was just reading a recipe of Christopher Kimball's where he uses CORNFLAKES for his Thanksgiving dressing. Huh. Roasted brussels sprouts? Buy your turkey finished from Dean and Deluca. When I used to work there, they were AMAZING. Twice baked sweet potatoes. I found a recipe a while ago for a roasted apple pie--it's quite good. You can do this! Come up with a fun cocktail for the day, then you won't really care if you're inspired or not. Then, come to Seattle and I'll inspire you with new places to eat. Good luck!