Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I Brought to Share: May 22, 2009

Buttermilk-marinated chicken breasts, pasta salad with herbs and goat cheese.

Friday was the Second Grade play at the elementary school; after our morning at the theater a bunch of us parents were standing around chatting. Our friends Scott and Susan mentioned that it was Susan's birthday and if we'd like, we could come hang out on their deck later to celebrate.

Hanging out on people's decks is one of my favorite things to do in life! I was in! (Unfortunately, Eli woke up from his afternoon nap with the contents of his head draining out through his nose. Babies suck like that. So Chuck was out. I brought Josh and Alex with me and the hanging out commenced.)

To grill, I marinated boneless chicken breasts in buttermilk, garlic, kosher salt, and pepper. A buttermilk marinade for chicken breasts is the best: It delivers a lovely tanginess while the lactic acid tenderizes the chicken, which otherwise the grill can desiccate into unchewability.

And hooray: It's pasta salad season! My herb garden has taken off for having been in only three weeks. The more you harvest, the more those plants grow. The pasta salad had thyme, sage, parsley, and a little purple basil (not too much or else all you'd taste is basil). White wine and olive oil vinaigrette, goat cheese.

I had such a nice time! Made some new friends, drank martinis and this dangerously tasty beer-lemonade concoction from Susan's neighbor Christa. The kids got muddy and filthy and wet with super soakers and the hot tub. Mosquitoes ate my right arm. We got home too late to give the boys proper showers.

Summer is here!

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