Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: June 25, 2009

Deli sandwiches, assortment of olives, berries.

Day four or something of the heat siege. Yesterday I took the kids to my parents' house, so my mom cooked for us. She made delicious crab cakes (sold to the children as Krabby Patties, thank you Spongebob) and served fruit on the side.

Inspired by my mom, and by the comments on Tuesday's post, I have finally tried to focus on what makes a good dinner when it's so hot that turning on a heat-generating appliance sounds obscene. Tonight I copied my friend Holly's idea for cold panini, and my mom's idea of cold, simple side dishes.

The bonus of a dinner like this is that it's so fast to prepare and clean up, there is time to take the boys swimming afterwards. I mean, there is time for Chuck to take the boys swimming. Tonight I needed a break from hauling my children all over town, and especially from swimming with Eli. Eli appears to want nothing more than to drown himself. Given a split-second with no adult eyes on him (even if there are adult hands on him), he immediately dunks his face into the pool. Comes up spluttering every time, then does it again first chance he gets. "Why, baby?" And he just grins. The kid is wearing me out.

Now I must retire with a cold compress upon my delicate brow.

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