Saturday, June 6, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: June 6, 2009

Steamed artichokes, pasta salad with olives, basil, pine nuts and romano.

We spent most of the day at our city's summer festival, complete with parade (Josh was very excited to hold the American flag for his cub scout den as they did a three-mile forced march in the heat). And there was carnival food! And carnies! We managed to have no one in our family eat a deep-fried Snickers. But by God, they were available.

In the aftermath I had to put a healthy meal on the table, because I have way too much guilt for anything else. Yes, I will allow you to eat corn dogs and funnel cakes, ice cream and french fries--and then you must eat your vegetables.

(To be perfectly honest, we also let the kids have hot dogs with this stuff. Come on, I'm not a monster.)

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  1. That sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yummy, yummy, yummy.