Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: March 9, 2009

Chicken curry pie.

This is Meal No. 2 from the roast chickens we made on Friday night. Gourmet magazine has some other suggestions: a cheesy chicken lasagna and chicken gyros. But we don't like lasagna much because when it's served it looks, shall we say, unappetizing. I will omit any descriptive similes. So instead of lasagna, it's chicken curry pie.

The pie is based on one we had at a cafe in West Yellowstone, Montana. We asked some locals for a good buffalo burger joint and they sent us to Kiwi's, which turned out to have excellent buffalo burgers indeed. The proprietor of Kiwi's was a New Zealand transplant so in addition to the burgers, the menu offered meat pies. The kids devoured the chicken curry one.

It's easy to make if you have leftover roast chicken and vegetables. I chopped up about a cup of the chicken and about two cups of mixed roast potatoes, carrots, and onions. I added frozen peas. To this mix I added the leftover chicken gravy, half a cup of cream, and two tablespoons of curry powder. Put the mixture between two refrigerated pie crusts and baked it for an hour. It came out remarkably similar to the New-Zealand-by-way-of-West
-Yellowstone version.

There is one thing I am kind of proud of myself for: We were, annoyingly, out of regular frozen peas. But way back in the freezer I had a box of Green Giant baby peas with butter sauce. Wanted the peas, not the butter sauce. What to do? Aha! Put the frozen mass of peas/sauce in a colander and rinsed it until the sauce was gone. Presto, peas!

So we scarfed down the pie and then we put on our costumes and went to our temple's Purim Spiel and ate too many cookies. Time for bed.

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