Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Josh Made for Dinner: February 27, 2009

Roast beef and gravy, Yorkshire pudding, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans with almonds and cranberries.

Josh is in cub scouts and boy does he love it. This week's project was to think about healthy eating, study the federal food pyramid, and plan a balanced menu. Josh picked his favorite dinner, described above. It's a pretty fancy one, so we decided to make it for Shabbat dinner and invite over some company--my parents and Amy, Noah, and Gracie.

The catch: I told him he had to help cook it. I started learning to cook at 8: I could make hotdogs, popcorn on the stovetop, and fried eggs sunny side up. So it's high time for my oldest to start getting competent in the kitchen.

I should mention I almost abandoned this project when I discovered the following: While making toast after school yesterday, Josh accidentally dropped the wooden toast tongs into the toaster and then forgot to tell anyone. This morning, when I toasted the bagels for breakfast, I nearly burned the kitchen down. Such are the little lessons of childhood, and hopefully no one dies. So I pressed on with Josh's cooking 101.

He did an admirable job! He seasoned the beef and made the batter for the Yorkshire pudding. He mashed the sweet potatoes and got the green beans ready to go in the oven. My mom and I handled all the hot work. It was delicious! (And we're having a very nice Shabbat visit--with every light in the house on and Kung Fu Panda on the TV, thank you very much.)

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