Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What My Mom and I Made for Dinner: June 1, 2009

Grilled chicken tenders and sweet peppers, steamed artichokes, Caprese salad.

Our neighborhood pool is finally open, hooray! So I took Josh and Alex swimming this afternoon while my mom took Eli to the grocery store to pick out some things for dinner. (This is what he picked, more or less. He also picked some fried rice noodles from the supermarket's Chinese kitchen.)

I love to go to the pool in the afternoon, especially now that the boys will let me use their Sub-Skates, and no I'm not kidding. But the problem is I always stay too long and then get home too late and have to rush to fix something for dinner, and everyone's starving from swimming, and the baby is tired and thirsty, and everyone needs to change into dry clothes but can't find their underpants, which is, of course, my responsibility. And then the situation rapidly deteriorates into whining and yelling and crying.

Sometimes the kids get upset too. Ba-dum-bum.

But if my mom is here, that doesn't have to happen! When we got back, dinner was already underway. Chicken tenders were a stroke of genius by my mom (or by Eli, who knows), because they take only ten minutes to cook on the grill. We put them in a flat grilling basket so they wouldn't fall through.

While they were grilling, I went out to look at our little vegetable garden. The tomatoes are happy enough, but the zucchini has gone completely bonkers. We'll be eating a lot of ratatouille next month.

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  1. Love the blog - I've linked from mine! All sorts of ways to follow along now! Holly