Monday, August 10, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: August 10, 2009

Persian brown rice pilaf with toasted almonds and tomatoes.

I'm pretty deep into the Tomato Imperative cookbook right now. This rice was tasty, but the kids preferred the Costco-prepared mahi mahi with macadamia crust. (I thought the fish was gross. Plus it took twice as long to cook as the package promised. What the hell, Costco?)

It was hard to get motivated to cook, since we're supposedly on vacation. Chuck has taken the week off and we've planned a variety of outings that should be fun for most of us. But these activities are hard on Eli: He does not want to be at the Presidential library and museum, he does not care about inaugurations or Korea, he does not like to eat at the funky old pub on the courthouse square, there is no Wonderpets on at these places, not one single dump truck to play with, and if he has to be miserable, then goddammit, everyone else should be too.

To be fair, he didn't mind the money museum at the Federal Reserve Bank. He liked watching the robots as they stacked cash in the vaults, which we were emphatically forbidden to photograph.

Here he is at a less sensitive location.

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  1. How awesome!! I'm curious to hear what else you do this week.