Friday, August 7, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: August 6, 2009

Sourdough toast with ham and eggs, green salad with tomatoes and grilled asparagus.

These last few days of summer vacation are tough. The kids are sick of each other and sick of me. Everything is cause for complaint: A trip to the zoo is too hot and involves too much walking. We don't get to stay at the pool long enough, or else the pool is boring. Running errands is out of the question. There's nothing to do in the house. It's too hot to play outside.

I think I did a good mom job on Thursday: An early trip to the zoo, before it got too hot. Back-to school haircuts, with the boys given carte blanche on any kind of hairstyle they could convince the barber to do (Alex got a faux-hawk and a new vat of molding wax). So then why, when it came time to fix dinner, did I hear nothing but moaning about how gross it was going to be?

It didn't matter. They cleaned their plates.

Ten days until school starts.

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  1. A lot of the time I love having a full time job because I always miss my kids and they only have a very few short hours a week to complain and drive me nuts.

    However, if I had the summer off with my kids this is how every day would go. Kids wake up and eat the cereal that they give themselves.

    Kids watch TV. I get up around 9 and put up my swim suit on and drag the kids to the pool for and hour or two.

    Come home for lunch. Playing in the house, movies, Wii. Then go the J pool for a couple of hours until dinner. That's what I would do... in fact, I did something like that when I first moved into my house! It was the best summer ever!!!!