Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: August 23, 2009

Brined short ribs with cavallo nero, sliced potatoes sauteed in butter.

I made this Top Chef Masters recipe because we have a new order of beef coming next month, and we have to use up the remaining cuts in the freezer.

I started at 9:30 a.m. making the brine so the ribs could marinate for enough time. (I was counting backwards from 5 p.m., when we needed to eat so that Josh could make it to 6 p.m. soccer practice and still digest his food. No puking at soccer, please.) The brine was so insanely salty that it destroyed my cuticles. But once the ribs were in it, I went about my day until it was time to heat 'em up.

Cooking the ribs was easy, but I picked the wrong skillet. I used a nonstick pan to brown the meat and caramelize the vegetables, so there was nothing to deglaze at the end. Stupid mistake! Once everything was golden brown and delicious, into the pot it went with some broth (and the wine that I would have used for deglazing), then into the oven for the rest of the day. Easy!

The meat was delicious and easy to prepare, even though it involved three or four steps. The kids loved it, especially the carrots that cook in the braising liquid along with the ribs. This dish is going in the rotation for the school year, when I can brine it overnight and cook it in the crock pot while I'm at work.

The cavallo nero, however, was just okay. It's just braised cabbage and onions, and it was a ton of work with all the chopping, and I wouldn't bother making it again. Plus it made my house smell like cabbage, so I'm a little resentful.

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  1. Bummer about the cavallo nero, but hooray for the short ribs (and veggies!)!