Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: November 21, 2009

Chicken and black bean chili, brown-butter cornbread.

I have this group of girlfriends. Most of us met in law school, and we've hung together ever since--which is starting to be a long freaking time, as we discussed last night when we got together for dinner and some quantity of wine. A long time, a lot of career dilemmas and family crises and milestones and celebrations.

Notice the empty chair. It's where our friend Gail belongs, only she moved away to take an awesome job and now she is Big Time. But we'll always reserve a chair for her anyway.

We don't get together often enough. So when we do, it involves a lot of talking. Like so much that last night, men within a three-mile radius of our patio got a splitting headache and didn't understand why, thought it was an early sign of the flu or disappointment over KU's absurd football season. Nope! It was a bunch of highly articulate women discussing months of personal news and celebrity gossip and, at one point, some tax law issues.

My friends are awesome. I'll make chili for them anytime.

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  1. I missed you guys! I appreciate the empty chair and hope that next time I'm there to fill it! Er, actually, I'd like NOT to FILL the chair, but rather be present IN the chair. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

    PS - I'm far, far from Big Time. I'm Small Potatoes at best. . .