Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: November 16 & 17, 2009

Marinated chicken and cucumber salad; custom pizzas.

I seem to be having a hard time with inspiration this week. It's a weird combination of feeling oppressed by the schedule demands of everything November has to offer, in full swing, and anticipation of time off and family gatherings next week. To illustrate, so far this week: Our snack day at Sunday school; massive pre-holiday shopping trips I and II; two doctors appointments; a Scout meeting; a plumber's visit; a recalcitrant first grader with a "Challenger" spelling list; and many, many, many stressed-out law students needing my guidance with their term papers. It's only Tuesday.

This week, I am just trying to get by.

Although, I must say: It really helped that last night, I got a chance to visit with some old friends. It was bad circumstances for some of them (a relative's funeral). For me, it was a much-needed chat with nice people who do not demand that I pretend to be Diego Marquez.

If a person is just getting by, these two meals are good ones. Neither one takes much effort--in fact, the kids made their own pizzas. And both meals are reasonably well-balanced and healthy. Because no one here better get sick, so help me.

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