Monday, January 18, 2010

What I Made Instead of Dinner: January 17, 2010

Blood orange and yogurt tart.

Chuck very nicely made dinner, some crusted tilapia filets and mashed potatoes, while I worked on this tart.

One of my holiday gifts was a subscription to Everyday Food magazine, so I don't have to swipe my mother-in-law's anymore. The first issue arrived recently, and it featured several recipes with oranges. Interesting ingredient. I don't usually eat oranges, even though I like them—too much work for too little payoff. But this tart was beautiful and healthy, and it featured Greek yogurt, one of my favorite foods. It seemed like a good project for a Sunday afternoon.

This tart may become a weekend standard, it was so good. The crust was gorgeously simple and easy to make.

Sugar, almonds, flour, and butter, pulsed in the food processor until it could hold together when pinched. The filling, a no-bake custard, uses gelatin instead of eggs to thicken and set the yogurt.

I used vanilla, although the original recipe didn't call for any added flavoring. The custard would take on any flavor you cared to add. I'm imagining an almond custard topped with raspberries, hazelnut with chocolate shavings, and infused lavender for the summertime.

The byproduct of an orange tart, of course, is four oranges worth of peel. The Everyday Food editors thought of that! The page after the tart recipe is a how-to on candied orange peel. I made it, which was craziness, but it seemed wrong to let all that peel go to waste.

In retrospect, it was too much work and mess for the little half-cup of (totally delicious) candied peel I wound up with.

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