Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I Haven't Made Dinner: March 22-25, 2010

Ohhhh I just suck.

It's not entirely my fault, except that I have lacked the perseverance and motivation to make it work this week.

Monday I actually cooked, but nothing worth writing about--although I must say, there was bacon, and it was tasty.  Tuesday we were overcome with Scouting activities.  Wednesday, a work function.  Tonight, dueling soccer practices.

We are overscheduled.  I am weary.  But what can you do?

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  1. I feel so much better about this week now. Monday was frozen pizza. Tuesday was Sonic (gah). Wednesday was frozen Indian food and chicken nuggets (they both like the garlic naan from Target). I have no good excuses like you have. But Passover week will be better.