Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I Made for Dinner: March 27, 2010

Lamb mini-burgers in pita with tzatziki and Greek salad.

I had a seriously bad dream last night. A crowd of people showed up at my house and demanded breakfast. I offered them a selection of dry cereals served in styrofoam bowls, but they were not appeased. They were disappointed in me. They knew it was not my best work. They would not leave my house without a proper breakfast, and in my dream I planned a meal with hash browns and eggs that looked a lot like this massive pan-fried breakfast that Jamie Oliver did one time on TV. I started to make it but the stress of trying to get everything ready for all those people when I knew they were already hungry and impatient and annoyed with me was just too much, I knew I was failing--and I woke up.

Okay, my interpretation is that I'm not adequately keeping up with my own expectations for myself. This is certainly true in many areas of my life at the moment, but the one that is easiest to fix is making healthy, balanced, tasty meals for my family on a regular basis.

So tonight I tried to do better. This meal was really good, a little unusual, and quite healthy because of all the veggies and the little mini-burger size.

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