Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I Made for Dinner: July 13, 2010

Crab cake with basil aioli; salmon fillets en papillote with citrus beurre blanc; salad of shaved asparagus, sweet corn and goat cheese; peppermint-chocolate cake.

Just an ordinary Tuesday night at chez Dinnertime.

Ha! No, it was my Mother-in-Law's birthday.  Since we really can't go anywhere nice for dinner (because one of us who shall remain nameless refuses to sit through a meal, ahem) I wanted to make her something special.  I served the crab cakes as a first course.

The best thing about this dinner is that although it looked fancy, it actually came together very quickly (and while I was refereeing grouchy, post-camp children).  I got the crab cake recipe off the back of the crabmeat jar; here's the fish recipe and the aioli recipe.  I made the fish packets (a total of about 15 minutes) and set them aside; made the crab mixture and started frying cakes (15 minutes to make the mixture, another 15 to fry them); while the cakes were frying I made the aioli (5 minutes).  Then I served the crab cakes and put the fish in the oven, where it baked while people were eating.  So, a pretty nice birthday dinner in about an hour!


  1. Gosh! Will you make that for me on MY birthday? :) Sounds wonderful! You just might have to thank the nameless (ahem) for "helping" you come up with this one!

  2. Lucky, Lucky MIL! Somehow, crabcakes will always be a you guys nostalgia thing - your dating days and first cooking class together...