Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I Baked: April 16-17, 2011

Water park cake.

Make that, completely insane water park cake.  I have so much work to do right now.  Instead, I spent the weekend making this cake for Alex's birthday party:

Thoroughly ridiculous, especially because I have no cake-decorating skills.  I was inspired by this cake, but obviously I have no ability to make it as shown. 

First, I made a base of a sheet cake, then put a round layer on top.  I froze the round layer and then cut an oval out of it and scraped out the cake, creating a depression about an inch and a half thick.

That's blue Jello in the middle.  Blue Jello!  How disgusting!

Then I made cute little people out of fondant.  That was pretty fun.  

Again, I have no skills.  But I like the flowers on the girl's swimsuit, and I like how they are muppet-colored.  Multiculturalism!


Assembly:  I covered all remaining surfaces with large amounts of blue frosting.  The slide, the ladder, and the orange person's raft are all made of Airheads candies.  The slide platform is two ice cream cones frosted blue with spray-on food coloring.  Here's one more view of the finished product in all its artificially-colored glory, which is considerable if I do say so myself.

I thought eating-wise, the cake was nauseating.  But Alex thought it was really cool and the kids seemed to enjoy it.  I must remember to apologize to their parents for any unpleasant or surprising after-effects of so much blue food tint.


  1. Nice work! I've always wanted to try fondant. Maybe for birthday #5.

  2. Insanity! Pure insanity! I'm impressed you stuck with it; I'd have thrown it against the wall in frustration, I'm sure! What a memory for the middle monkey!