Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: June 18, 2009

Big sandwich, pickled green beans.

It is too hot to cook.

But the green beans have been brining in my fridge since Sunday afternoon. This was my first try at home pickling; I was inspired after reading Smitten Kitchen's post on pickled sugar snap peas. (But I used this recipe, instead.)

Experiment was succesful! Alex ate nearly a half-pound of green beans all by himself. (There will be no follow-up report on the side effects of eating that many pickled green beans.)

Off to swelter at a coach-pitch baseball game.


  1. Please give me the recipe you used for the green beans. I want to try this with Noah!!!

    Better yet, please have some of these on Sunday evening.

  2. I linked to the recipe I used, although I just realized that I omitted the jalapeno, quadrupled the garlic, and accidentally left out the black peppercorns. So that link is to the recipe I mostly used.