Saturday, June 20, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: June 20, 2009

Not a damn thing.

But there's a reason! Today, I made many things besides dinner in my kitchen:
  • Pickled green beans
  • Pickled okra (preserved in canning jars)
  • Coconut cake
  • Joy of Cooking's Quick White Icing II
Tomorrow, of course, is Father's Day, and both our families (minus my brother-in-law, stuck working in Arizona, boo) are coming over to celebrate. It also happens to be my mom's birthday. So tomorrow, I will be making:
  • Biscuits and gravy (for breakfast)
  • Parmesan artichoke dip
  • Roasted red pepper dip
  • Some kind of dip involving roasted garlic and cannellini beans
  • Grilled zucchini and mushrooms
Thanks to the largess of my guests, that's all I'll have to make. But I think that's quite enough kitchen productivity for a couple of days. Dinner tonight was a no-go.


  1. Hope you all have a great day! Tell your Mom happy birthday!

  2. Ooh, that all sounds marvelous. And I love learning about your continuing adventures in pickling.