Sunday, June 21, 2009

What We Made for Dinner: June 21, 2009

Grilled burgers and brats, assorted salads, trio of vegetable dips, coconut cake.

Tonight we hosted a family celebration of Father's Day and my mom's birthday. When everyone gets together like this, there's always too much food. I love it. It's the definition of family to me: Children screeching all over the house and my countertop filled with food everyone brought. It reminds me of this Norman Rockwell painting,

except we didn't eat over a pristine white tablecloth. We used paper plates and stood around smelling like sunblock and Off. And also there was no turkey. And no platter of gourds. We had a lovely feast, though. I made the dips (roasted red pepper/walnut, cannellini/roasted garlic (my favorite), and artichoke/cheese).

Of course I failed to take pictures of dinner. I was especially proud of the cake, though, and I managed to get a shot.
Cake from scratch is good stuff! I don't make it much because it's a hassle. This one was too, but kind of worth it because it's the only way to get coconut cake with chocolate ganache filling, coconut cream frosting, and dark chocolate shavings.

Happy birthday, Mom!

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