Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I Made for Dinner: October 18, 2009

Barbecue beef chili.

Today was almost a normal day after so many days of being sick! We got the Halloween stuff out and let the boys decorate the house. We went to the store to fill in some gaps in our decorations. Josh has been agitating for a front yard cemetery for years and I keep telling him no, but we did need a new skeleton and some lights.

Outrage: Target is charging $20 for a skeleton that comes assembly required. What the hell, Target? (I bought it, of course.)

I wanted to make homemade sourdough bread to go with the chili. Before I got the flu, I started a yeast culture, inspired by Dan. It seemed to be going just fine. After it had foamed and I fed it, I refrigerated it, because I was in no shape to make bread (and who would have dared to eat my virus bread, anyway?). Yesterday, I took it out to proof it, and . . . nothing. Not a bubble. I fed it, I waited forty-eight hours, and still nothing. It started to stink. I threw it out.

What is it with me and homemade bread?

Oh, well. Persevering, I have started a new yeast culture, and I will try again.

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