Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Made for Dinner: January 23 & 24, 2010

Sliders; Slow-cooker barbecue beef.

Nothing exciting about these dinners; they are standard utilitarian weekend fare for a family with a two-year-old with 'roid rage. (Prednisone: Awesome miracle cure or destroyer of all serenity?) I made the barbecue beef with the leftover roast my mom made for the boys on Friday night.

On Friday, Chuck and I took advantage of unbelievably generous grandparents and went out to enjoy a little bit of restaurant week. It's a nice idea: a multi-course meal for $30, with 10% going to Harvesters. It's going on until the end of January, actually--a great excuse to dine out if ever there was one.

We went to Lidia's instead of trying someplace new. I can't help it, really, so deep is my love for Lidia's here. And it was good; we had a lovely time. In retrospect, though, I wondered why Lidia's seemed not to put its best face forward for restaurant week. First off, I noticed the room is looking a little shabby. The back of our banquette actually had a gaping hole in the upholstery. (I don't think the dining room has been remodeled since it opened back in, like, 1998 or '99.) Then secondly, their restaurant week dinner is just their regular pasta tasting. And Friday night's pastas were nothing special. I wish they'd offered a special on their fabulous seasonal menu, which includes intriguing items like wild boar ravioli and orange-pomegranate glazed quail. If part of restaurant week is to attract new diners, wouldn't you want to make yourself extra-specially attractive? Lidia's didn't.

Regardless, the food was tasty, the wine was great, the service was professional as always. I love the place, and it was fun to be there with my hilarious, adorable husband, who is supremely tolerant of jacked-up toddlers and who expects me to order dessert when we're out.

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  1. Tonight I tried out that simple butter and onion sauce from Smitten Kitchen. It was kind of good and obviously about the simplest thing I have ever made that looks pretty and is really good for you.

    You should try it sometime when you don't feel like cooking but want a nice meal on the table. Also, I think you need to have us over for dinner some time soon please.