Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I Made for Dinner: January 26, 2010

Strip steaks and salad of couscous, artichoke hearts, white beans and carrots.

When my parents come over for dinner I am always challenged to think of vegetable dishes my dad will eat.  Seriously, he's as bad as the boys when it comes to veggies.  (Well, not Josh.  Josh will eat almost anything.)  So I thought this salad would work out pretty well, and it did.  (Except for Josh, who would not even try it.)

Eli's lungs are functioning again, but rickety-sounding.  He has started asking for his nebulizer treatments at regular intervals, making me think he feels nervous about impending pulmonary rebellion.  We have been keeping him home from preschool and other activities in the hope that lots of rest will help.  As it turns out, though, you can keep the kid inside, but you can't make him rest.

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