Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I Made for Dinner: January 31, 2010

Chicken with lemon and garlic, sauteed potatoes, artichokes.

I haven't felt like cooking anything lately.  January can be rough.  It's hard to be enthusiastic about food (or anything else) when the baby is coughing and you haven't seen the sun in days.

But!  On Saturday, the sun came out!  And we got the approval to take Eli down to just one nebulizer treatment a day, down from three!  So to celebrate, I found a new cookbook, called Perfect Spanish.  It was on the bargain shelf and it's one of those uncredited deals.  Parragon's website says it focuses on "non-author driven" books.  To me, that just means some poor cookbook author is getting screwed.  I mean, someone tested the recipes and wrote this book, and someone took the gorgeous pictures.  Those people deserve credit.

Anyway, Perfect Spanish took me back to my semester in Spain (and even more so, to the week Chuck and I spent there on vacation years ago).  This chicken was one of my favorite things to eat while I was there.  The book's recipes seem authentic.  The most frequent ingredient throughout the book is olive oil, followed closely by various types of jamón.  The kids loved it tonight; Alex says I have to make it a lot now.  Wish I knew who actually wrote it!

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