Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I've Been Making for Dinner: August 17-21, 2010

Oh, things.  You know how it goes.

Actually, I've been making dinner.  A couple of taco nights here and there; some breakfast-for-dinner; there was teriyaki salmon in there someplace.  I'm not that excited about my dinners because other things have intervened. What's been on my mind:

  • Alex had kind of a rough start to school.  I think things are adjusted now, at least to where he's okay with them, but it took an enormous amount of drama and emotional energy to get there.
  • I've started back to work after a long and relaxing summer break.  Working all day is hardWaah.
  • The kiddos' fall schedules may kill me.  I am trying hard not to freak out about the family being over-scheduled.  
  • The transition back to the school-work schedule, combined with the impending start of preschool, has Eli all discombobulated.  The potty training suffers accordingly.
  • I could use a better rice cooker. 
One bright spot has been Alex hitting a growth spurt that has made him hungrier than I've ever seen him his whole life.  One night last week--a breakfast-for-dinner night--he ate a full plate of bacon omelette and zucchini hash browns and fruit salad, and then an hour later asked if I would make him a peanut butter sandwich.  And some milk.  And maybe the rest of the fruit salad.  He's so hungry that he's forgotten to be picky:  Note that he actually ate the zucchini hash browns. 

So that's kind of cool.

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